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About Golden Guru

Learn more about Golden Guru, its history, and what we can do for you.

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For more information, send us an email: query@goldenguru.com

Our Philosophy

Golden Guru keeps its rate competitive and its work superior by staffing the right people in the right way. GG is a virtual business with staff and clients across the internet, making its operations efficient and fostering maximum productivity. To this end, GG methodically staffs self-motivated perfectionists with significant experience and capabilities.

The Right People

GG's strict adherence to its best practices and style guide ensures GG develops efficient software correctly the first time, spending less time and money reviewing and correcting later. GG's practices and style rules standardize the coding it uses for its client software, making that code accessible to client business operations now and in the future. This accessibility all but eliminates the extra expense associated with migrating code to another firm or department. Should a client company eventually install its own engineering department or wish to share code written by GG with others, it can do so without difficulty.