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Learn how Golden Guru can help take make your ideas a reality.

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Golden Guru

Golden Guru is a virtual technology think tank with a worldwide presence. We specialize in technology innovation, fuzzy data interpretation and extrapolation, software systems security analysis, human behavioral modeling and predictioneering, and related technology consulting.

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Technology Engineering

Golden Guru becomes a self-contained technology engineering department within the larger organization of our clients providing the efficient and exact results our clients deserve. Golden Guru is an all-inclusive solution for companies in need of a reliable and expertly-staffed team fully capable of providing:

Guru Advantages

Golden Guru staff are among the best in the field. Because of its decades of experience in the technology industry and its choice to place ethical business practices before its own bottom-line, GG enables clients to "fire and forget" their technology needs. Whether maintaining basic operations or performing long term research and development, GG delivers efficiency and quality. And because of GG's strict standards and practices, clients know that whatever GG promises, it delivers.